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(I’m the stupid customer in the story. The fast food place has been under going renovations, and while the lobby is – obviously – closed, but the drive thru is open. It doesn’t help that my brother had gone there the day before, but anxiety is a pain and I was afraid that, being my luck, they would be closed I’d look a fool. Alas, I still accomplished that.)

*Having pulled up to the window, i see the guy who regularly serves me*
Him: I”m so sorry lobby is closed right now, i know you normally come inside!

Me: Oh it’s completely fine, i didn’t know if you were open or not with all the construction going on. *Making a light joke out of it, but i was actually paranoid it WAS closed.*

Him: *Laughing* Oh we’re still open, obviously, so it’s fine *Joking back at me.*

*As I’m pulling out of the parking lot, the only entry AND exit, i notice a HUGE, white sign with red lettering that says “DRIVE-THRU: OPEN LOBBY: CLOSE”

*Dies internally*

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