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I work retail at a sporting goods store in a local mall, and we have a customer who comes in about once or twice a week. This guy is homeless, and rides his bike from about three towns over to come to this mall, and he’s there just about every day on the weekends. I assume this person is homeless, and he always pays, but everyone at the mall hates him. He makes employees and other shoppers very uncomfortable (I had the unfortunate experience of actually sitting through a movie with this guy, not fun), but mall security can’t really do anything about him coming back because he hasn’t done anything illegal while at the mall. He always pays, but he’s a lingerer. He stays in my store about 20 minutes at a time, and always asks for us to put a hat aside for him (I usually put one behind the counter, and then immediately put it back on the shelf after he leaves half an hour later), but the other day he tried to return something that he had clearly worn and sweat in because “it didn’t fit right”, my manager tried to refuse him a return because we couldn’t put the merchandise back on the shelf, but this asshole lingered for about another thirty minutes or so. We had another person come and go during the time which he was in the store. But my manager and I were looking for reasons to give him the boot, and mall security does too. Unfortunately he doesn’t do anything illegal so there’s no good reason to kick him out nor to ban him from the mall. It’s just annoying but there’s nothing we can do about it until he either puts someone in a clear and present danger or he steals something.

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