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I did not witness this. I was told about this by a coworker in the break room. Yes, if you are a customer, and you are rude, you will be mercilessly ripped to shreds in the break room.
Down the street, there was a man in an RV painted with pot leaves all over it, asking people to sign a petition to legalize marijuana. He came into the store where I worked to buy an expensive camera. The employee unlocks it for him.
Coworker: Do you have any more shopping to do?
Pothead: I don’t see why the H*** it matters.
Coworker: Was asking because if you were done, I could just ring it up back here, but if you had more shopping to do, I could walk it up to the front, and you could pay for it with your other items.
Pothead: Can’t I just take it with me and put it in my cart?
Coworker: No sir, it’s company policy.
Pothead: Are you calling me a thief.
Coworker: No sir, it’s company policy.
Pothead: How dare you call me a thief! I’m in the media all the time!
Customer goes into a profanity filled rant, coworker just keeps saying that it’s company policy. He then demands to speak to a manager. Manager comes out.
Manager: What seems to be the problem?
Pothead launches into his profanity-filled rant.
Manager: I’m sorry, sir, but it’s company policy.
Pothead: Well, you can take this camera and shove it up your a**!
Customer storms out.
I was told by someone that he then finished the rest of his shopping, went to the customer service desk, and proceeded to scream at them about the camera.
Apparently because he’s some sort of H-list celebrity, the rules don’t apply to him. Also, if he’s the public face of legalizing marajuana, then no thank you.

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