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(My sister, brother-in-law, their baby boy, and I went to this place where they cook the food in front of you. We were seated with this large family with two kids about ten years old. Our chef comes out and confirms everyone’s order, the kid in question has been a brat the whole dinner, refusing to eat the complimentary soup and salad.)
Kid: Chicken first!
(Chef looks at kid with a mix between a smile and a glare and proceeds to cook the vegetables and rice)
Chef: Tell you what, if you can guess what I make, I’ll make the chicken next.
(proceeds to make and “I <3 U” in the rice)
Kid: I… umm…. uuhh
Parent: It’s a-
Chef: now, now don’t help him, it’s all in good fun.
Kid: uhhhhh….
Chef: It’s a heart! Chicken last!
Kid: aww!
(Chef continues and after a while does cook the chicken as one of the last entrees.)
Chef: (Puts one piece on his plate) There you go, your chicken!
Kid: (look of disbelief)
Chef: (Laughs) just kidding! Here’s the rest of your food!

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