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(When I was a baby, something was dropped on my forehead, giving me a diagonal scar on my forehead. Combined with my glasses and messy hair, I’m told I look quite a bit like Harry Potter.)

Customer #1: Oh my God! You’re Harry Potter!

Me: Heh, I get that a lot. What can I get for you?

(The customer gives me her order, takes it and leaves.)

Customer #1: Bye, Harry!

(A few minutes later, another customer comes in, an older woman.)

Customer #2: *gives order*

Me: *gives food*

Customer #2: *is about to leave, then notices my scar* You b******!

Me: I’m sorry?

Customer #2: You look like Harry Potter!

Me: Then why did you call me that word?

Customer #2: You’ve even got the scar! You must’ve cut yourself for it! You dumba**! Why would you hurt yourself just to look like someone from such a godless book?!

Me: Well, I’m sorry ma’am, but-

Customer #2: You heathen! You stupid, useless heathen! You don’t deserve to live if you’re hurting yourself to look like something so unholy! Go do us all a favor and END YOUR D*** LIFE!

(I am so shocked at this that I don’t respond. The restaurant owner, having heard the whole exchange storms in and slams his hands on the counter.)

Owner: OK, you listen to me RIGHT NOW. We do not condone suicide encouragement, and frankly, we don’t condone rude b****es like you who make assumptions about people they don’t know! That scar is a birthmark, for God’s sake, and just because he happens to like something that you consider “unholy” doesn’t mean that he deserves to die! You are going to get out of my restaurant right now, and you are never coming back here again!

Customer #2: You little s***! He deserves to die for looking like that! If he doesn’t kill himself RIGHT NOW, I’m going to do it for him!

(The woman tries to force her way behind the counter and slaps me across the face. One of my coworkers holds her arms behind her back and keeps her there while the owner calls the police. The entire restaurant stops while the woman keeps screaming at me and we wait for the police to arrive. She starts kicking at me as well, but I’m well out of the way by now. The police arrive a few minutes later, question some customers and myself, and arrest the woman for assault. It turns out she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest, and was taken on that as well!)

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