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, | Unfiltered | March 7, 2019

(My coworker, who’s a very sweet older lady, was hired to refill the breakfast buffet. She doesn’t speak much English, but the manager told her that all she has to say is ‘Good morning’ and ‘Hello’ and she’d be ok…yeah right…)

Coworker: *nods at customer* “Good morning.”

Customer: “Good morning. I was wondering, do you have any hard boiled eggs?”

Coworker: “Uh, umm…” *looking around*

Customer: “Hard boiled eggs! Do you have any?!”

Coworker: “Uh. Sorry. I no uh…”

Customer: *gets impatient* “God! How hard is it for you answer my question?!”

(Seeing the trouble, I come over to help.)

Me: *translating to coworker* “She’s asking if we have any hard boiled eggs.”

Coworker: *in Spanish* “Oh! No we don’t have any.”

Me: *to customer* “No we don’t have it.”

Customer: “See? Was that so hard! D*** Mexicans!” *storms off*

(Later my coworker told me that she will complain to a manager about the customer. And she isn’t Mexican.)

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