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, | Unfiltered | March 6, 2019

(It was quiet and then 3 people come in at the same time to check in. They form a line. The first two are friendly, but the last one is in a business suit rolling his eyes, tapping his foot, huffing and sighing. I try to check in the two ahead quick, and after a few minutes they leave and he comes up and gives me a disgusted look.)

Me: *trying to be extra pleasant* “Hi sir! Checking in?”

(He stares at me with frank disgust and doesn’t reply. He reaches into his wallet, pulls out a credit card, and holds it out.)

Me: *reaches out to take it* “ID too please.”

(Before I could take it, he snatches it back, throws it into his wallet, grunts, pulls out another card, and his ID, and throws them at me. All while rolling his eyes.)

Me: “Thank you for that.”

Man: “………….” *huffs and sighs*

(I check him in quickly and hand him his key, along with directions and a good night wish. He sneers, rolls his eyes, and leaves. Definitely the worst silent customer!  I pity whoever is his employee.)