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(My sister and I are at a decent, upscale bar, drinking and relaxing. It is around 10 pm and she is talking with another guy and I’m listening to their conversation.)

Sister: “So where are you from?”

Guy: “[Nearby City].”

Sister: “And what do you do?”

Guy: “I’m in sales…”

(Behind her, I see a bunch of middle aged people dressed in skimpy clothing, talking loudly. I think nothing of it and then one woman TAKES OFF HER TOP, showing her bare breasts, and two men jump on her and begin intercourse! I nearly spit my drink out in shock.)

Me: “What the–”

Sister: “What’s wrong?”

Me: *tells her what’s happening behind her*

(She turns around, surveys the scene of the woman moaning and the men groaning, and her reaction is the same as mine. The guy pipes up.)

Guy: “Oh yeah, it’s swingers’ night tonight.”

Us: “S-swingers’ night?!?!”

Guy: “Yeah. They have it every Wednesday.” *stares at them*

(Needless to say, we were shocked by their behavior and when my sister inquired to the bartender, she shrugged and smiled. We were out of there! My sister has been to many more bars than I around the area, and she’s never seen anything like it!)

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