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(I am working the evening shift. It is late and I have a couple of young customers come in and buy a couple packages of cigars. They pay for them and leave. The next customer walks up to the counter and picks up a small baggie of weed off the floor and tosses it to me. I call the police and they come pick it up. Shortly after they leave, one of the young customers comes back in.)
Him: “Hey, did you happen to find a little baggie earlier?”
Me: “….yes”
Him: “Oh good! Do you still have it or did you throw it away, or…?”
Me: “No, I called the police and they came to pick it up.”
Him: “Oh! Ok! Bye!”
(He then decides to leave the store. I call the police back and let them know that he came back looking for it.)
I’m still laughing about this!