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I work in the service department of a fireplace store and as you can imagine, in the summer our business slows down considerably. However, we run a cleaning special at a steeply discounted price to encourage customers to get their fireplaces checked out before it gets cold again. Because of how popular this special is, we’re booked out for a few weeks but most people don’t mind because it’s been warm weather for a while now so they’re not using their fireplaces. One day I take this call:
Me: Thank you for calling (my store) How may I help you?
Lady: Yes, I would like to schedule a cleaning special for my gas fireplace.
Me: Of course, have we ever done service for you before?
Lady: No, I just thought I’d get it checked out before next winter.
Me: Smart. Ok well, we are currently booked out a few weeks right now. Next time we will be in your area is (date a few weeks from now)
Lady: What? But that’s so far away, don’t you have anything sooner?
(this particular question gets asked constantly and irks me. If I had something sooner, I’d schedule you for it!! Anyway)
Me: No ma’am, but if you’d like I can schedule you for this day and call you if someone in your area cancels and I can move your appointment up. How does that sound?
Lady: Well, just put me on that list to be called if someone cancels.
Me: I’m sorry but there is no list. You have to make an appointment and then you can be moved up if someone cancels.
Lady: This is ridiculous! How hard is it to schedule a service call?
Me: I apologize for the inconvenience ma’am but this is a popular cleaning special and we’re getting to everyone as fast as we can. Is your unit giving you problems? (Repairs are priority so if hers isn’t working I might be able to do something for her)
Lady: Well the glass is dirty. I really just need the glass cleaned. Is that something I can do myself?
Me: Well, do you know how to take the glass off?
Lady: Never mind, I just want you guys to do it for me.
Me: OK, so I will just put you down for (date I mentioned earlier)
Lady: No, give me the number of someone else who can help me sooner than you. Your service is disgraceful and I will never be giving you my business again. (Weird, since you’ve never given us your business before, but OK)
Me: Ma’am, you’re welcome to call my competition but I’m not going to give you their number.
Lady: This is ridiculous, I just want my fireplace cleaned.
(I really don’t know what else to do or say at this point so I sit in an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds.)
Me: I’m happy to schedule you for that day and move you up if I’m able to but I’m afraid that’s the best I can do right now.
Lady: Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful. You should be ashamed of yourself! This is my only source of heat!
(#1- her unit is working, she said so herself. #2- it’s 60° outside and sunshine- really nice out for western Washington) I can’t believe you would leave me and my family in the cold like this.
Me: Ma’am, you told me your unit was working fine, right?
Lady: Yes but the glass is so dirty you can’t see the fire. Why have the fire on if you can’t see it?!
Me: (face palm)…. for heat maybe?

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