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(We have infamous Diamond Members, who are the top prized customers, and usually very unreasonable. We had a power outage earlier.)

Diamond: *on phone* “Is it power back on yet?”

Me: “Yes it is on now.”

Diamond: “Great. I’ll be there.”

(He hangs up, then arrives a few minutes later, very intoxicated.)

Diamond: “My key won’t work! F*** you and this f***ing hotel!” *tosses it at me* “First the blackout, now thisss!”

(Our keys are green, the one he tossed was brown.)

Me: “Sir, that is a key from a different hotel. That is not our key.”

Diamond: *looks vaguely shocked*

Me: *pointing* “See, it says right on here: [Totally Different Hotel’s Name] right on it.”

(He searched for something to retort but left and said nothing. Thank goodness!)