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(I’m bagging for customer #1, who has just finished her transaction. The checker is about to start on customer #2’s order when she notices a small item that’s not part of his order.)

Checker: Is this yours?

Customer 2: No, it must be hers.

Customer 1: Oh, those were mine, were they not scanned?

Checker: I can ring them through right now before we start on his order.

Customer 1: No, it’s okay. I don’t really need them.

Checker: Are you sure?

Customer 1: I’m sure, I don’t need them.

(The checker sets the item aside and starts on ringing up customer #2’s order. I’m chatting with customer #1 as I finish bagging her order so we don’t realize what’s going on until…)

Customer 2: (trying to hand the item to customer 1) Here, a gift.

Customer 1: What? Really?

Customer 2: Yeah, here you go.

Customer 1: Thank you so much!

(Sweetest thing I had seen all day!)