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(I’m a newbie cashier in a very small newsstand that sells souvenirs like mugs, shirts. The POS system isn’t very sophisticated because most of the customers only buy one or two things.)

Customer: “Here, all these.” *dumps a HUGE pile of items on my small counter*

Me: *begins to ring it up* “Ma’am, I have to tell you…our system isn’t very good so all sales are final. We can’t return items or give refunds.”

Customer: “That’s okay! I’m SURE I want everything!”

(She goes off to browse and puts even MORE stuff. I call for help, but the manager’s away. I do my best and after about an hour, I get it done.)

Customer: “It’s about time, I’m in a hurry you know! I have an appointment with my therapist!”

Me: “Well, your total is….$450.”

(She hands me a credit card and I run it, after explaining again that there’s no refunds.)

Customer: “Actually…that’s too much. I’ll take this and this out.”

Me: “Ma’am, I told you there’s no refunds! I already ran your card and it went through!”

Customer: “WHAT?! How dare you say that? What kind of store doesn’t let you take off a few things?!”

(She rants and raves, screams and stomps, demanding that I take off a few things even though I told her we can’t. Finally the manager comes over and she goes completely ballistic on him too. He pages his superior, the store manager, who does it after 20 min.)

Store Manager: “Sorry about that, ma’am here’s your receipt.”

Customer: “Your employees need to be fired! I missed my appointment for their laziness!” *storms off with 30 bags*

(I quit that day.)

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