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(I’m a costumer in this story, and also an awkward teenager, out shopping with my mother. We are second in line and there are a few people behind us. My mother realizes she forgot some items and tells me to let the next person first if she is not back when the current client is done paying. This happens,  I tell the cashier and I stand aside until my mother comes back. She does. The person we let before us finishes. A lady tries to go before us)

Me: Uh, sorry, but actually we are next. (I explain the situation)
Lady: Well, I was next.
Me: Yeah, but we were actually here first and I was just waiting for my mom and –
Lady: I was next.
Me: (tries to explain again)
Lady: (keeps on complaining)
(Suddenly, a costumer on the  other line turns to the lady, pointing in front of him)
Costumer: (emphatically, I’m still not sure whether he was trying to be condescending) Ma’am, PLEASE, get in line.
(the lady changes to the other line, saying:)
Lady: Well, at least SOME people still have manners.
(We proceed to pay for our items. When we left, costumer right before the lady still hadn’t finished paying, so she actually had to wait more)