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, | Unfiltered | March 3, 2019

(The owner’s son and his family have come to stay with us. I am checking them in.)

Me: *big smile* “Hello. Checking in, sir?”

Owner’s Son: *blank stare, nods*

(I’m not sure why he’s looking at me that way, but he does it all through the check in process. He answers my check in questions still with that blank stare.)

Owner’s Son: *to his kids* “Okay, come one kids, let’s go to our room.”

(His kids go up but he pauses.)

Owner’s Son: “Did you know that there is a car parked outside?”

Me: “No, I didn’t.” *goes to see* “Oh, that must be from the family that I’ve checked in earlier. I’ll call them to move it.”

Owner’s Son: *blank stare*

(Feeling a bit unnerved, I call the previous family and they say they’ll come to move it.)

Me: “They say they’ll come to move it, sir.”

Owner’s Son: *nods, then leaves hesitating*

(I think he is weird. Later my manager pulls me aside and said that the owner’s son complained about me and thinks my voice was too low and he didn’t hear anything! I guess he was psychically answering my questions. Luckily I was not punished.)