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(I work at a store that frequently has coupons that are $10 off an item that is $10 or more. A woman comes up with her coupon and a shirt wanting to purchase it. The state I live in does not have sales tax in clothing, so the shirt rings up at $9.99.) 

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but this coupon doesn’t apply to this item. 

Customer: *In an offended and surprised tone* What? Why??

Me: This coupon is for an item $10 or over, this shirt only rings up as $9.99.

Customer: You seriously won’t take it because it’s a PENNY off!? You should be giving me the shirt for free plus an extra penny! Any other decent sales person would, this is ridiculous! 

Me: I’m sorry, but I can not give you the shirt free of charge, and a penny, because the coupon does not apply. I am not allowed to change prices, it’s against our policy. Perhaps I could help you find a different item to use your coupon on?

(She continues to scream at me, demanding to see my supervisor who proceeds to tell her the exact same thing. The woman eventually proclaims that she didn’t want the shirt anyway and that she will never shop at our store again. Good riddance.)