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I work in a fabric store, which as you an imagine, sells threads.We sell several different brands and each brand sells thread in different sizes from a hundred or so yards to several thousands and different fiber content from plain old cotton to high tech synthetics to metallics and silks.
We have a regular customer who is a real drama queen.  She comes  in accompanied by her husband who  always seems to be apologising for her.
One day she came in when we were having a 50% off thread sale.
She came to the register with nearly 20 spools of thread from the tiny cotton spools to the mega spools of multi colored embrodiery thread. I rang them up and the total came to nearly $50.  She went ballistic.
Customer: Why is my thread so much.  I only got 20 spools and it’s only $1.29 for each spool.”
Me: The little spool is $1.29.  The other spools  are more  and are different prices.  
Customer:  No they aren’t.  The signs say they are all $1.29.
Me:  Maybe I’m wrong.  Show me the sign.  I can always change it.
We go to the thread display and of course the sign is up showing the different prices.  I show it to customer.  She denies it.
Customer”  No it says it’s $1.29.
Me:  Yes the sign says the small spools are $1.29 but it also shows the
prices of the other spools.
Customer:  Why would they be different?  It’s silly.
Me:  Well there are different companies and different amount on the spools and different materials.
Customer”  Well that’s just stupid.  I want them for $1.29, that;s the price the sign says.
Me:  Well you can have the small spools for $1.29 but the other threads will ring up what the sign says.
Customer”  Well that’s stupid.  I can get them online for less that that.  I don’t want them then. You just lost a customer forever .
Me, thinking to myself:  I should be so lucky.  
But I say :  Allright you don’t have to take them, I can cancel the sale.
Customer storms out, leaving husband to apologize.
Next customer”  Did she really think all threads were the same price?  Is she off her meds?
This came to mind today as our store is having another 50% off thread sale today and guess who showed up?
She bought nearly the same thread she screamed about last time being so expensive.  Guess they weren’t cheaper online after all.