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(Note: My store has a sale where if you buy certain wines, you get a second bottle for a nickel.)

Customer: Excuse me, for the Five Cent Sale, do I need to get identical bottles?

Me: Yes.

Customer: So, they just have to be the same price?

Me: No, it has to be the same bottle.

Customer: So, if I get a white and a red…?

Me: Um, the answer to your first question was yes: they have to be identical bottles.

Customer: Oh. (Grabs a bottle of Chardonnay) Does this brand make a red?

Me: Yes. They make a Pinot Noir, a Cabernet, and a Red Blend.

Customer: Where are those?

Me: Our wine is organized by varietal. The Cabernet is right here in the Cabernet section.

Customer: Well, if I knew where that was, I wouldn’t be asking you.

Me: (Touching the bottle) It’s right here. The Red Blend is in its the next aisle and the Pinot Noir is right over there. 

Customer: Well, how was I supposed to know which wines they make?

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