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I was in the line at the post office.  I was in front of the line and there were 6 people behind me.  Woman #1 is at the other counter filling out change of address forms. Woman #2 who isn’t even with Woman #1 starts talking to her.

Woman #2:  You know if you change your address online they charge you.

Woman #1: I know .

Woman #2:  They shouldn’t do that since you can fill out the papers at the post office for free.

I then put in my 2 cents about it.

Me:  You know it is only a $1.

Woman #2: (She yells this) Well they shouldn’t charge anything. 
She then slams her fists on the counter and storms off.

Me and others in line are trying to hold back laughter.  She was really that upset over a $1 and actually nothing that pertained to her anyways.  I still have no clue if she had business at the post office or what.

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