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After working with a customer for serveral minutes on whcih tyyo if rose she would like to purchase, she settled on a climbing rose (whihc is really just a rose that grows longer canes than average: they are NOT vines). All the roses were divided out by type Climbers, Tea Roses, Floribunda etc. After she perused the varieties we had in the climbing roses section, she moved on and began examining the floribundas and after a while brought one of those to me. “I like this one. The color is so pretty…but I want it to be a climber.” The floribunda rose she’d chosen was a shrub rose on the smaller side, possibly growing to 4′. I explained this and she begame belligerent, demanding that I switch it to a climber (as if I had the power to do such a thing) My coworker, delightedly listening from a distance, came over with a tag from one that was a climber and attached it to the floribunda whereupon she gave me a sniff  & went inside and purchased the rose.

I hope she was happy with the darn thing.