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So, I am a woman who worked at a very popular auto parts chain, selling parts. Men (most) think WOMEN don’t know anything about auto parts…
So, I answered the phone to hear a man, sounding quite irritated. I was (almost) glad he didn’t ask to “speak to a man”, as quite a few DO ask this. Anyhow, here’s how the call went:

Me: (auto parts store name) how may I help you?

Man: yeah, I think I need an alternator for my truck, how much is it?

Me: ok, what’s the year, make and model of your truck?

Man: 1994

Me: okay. The make and the model?

Man: (irritated) I just told you, it’s a 1994!

Me: yes sir, but I need the make and model. Is it a Chevy, Ford, Dodge…?

Man: it’s a 1994

Me: yes sir, that’s the YEAR, but what kind of truck is it? Make? Model?

Man: IT’S A TRUCK!! A 1994!!

(This went on for a while before he got upset and hung up on me, because obviously women don’t know anything about cars)

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