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, | Unfiltered | February 24, 2019

Me: “Hello can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(She thrusts a bag full of dirty laundry and a laundry form at me.)

Me: “Ok, you filled it? Ok, thank you, I’ll send this off.”

Customer: “Well?”

Me: “Well, what?”

Customer: “Are you thick? You’re supposed to give me a copy!”

(I realized that she’s talking about the form.)

Me: “Oh! I um, don’t think that we did that anymore…”

(I’m not sure because I don’t work the day shift and the manager is always changing the rules.)

Customer: “Oh for heaven’s sake! Here!” *rips off top copy and thrusts it at me* “I keep this! God, they can’t do anything here!” *storms off* 

(Geez who peed in her cereal?)

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