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(I’m in line.  I’m waiting when I notice an attractive older woman in a button-up blouse and skirt eying me up.  I’m a bit uncomfortable already, since I usually don’t get such attention, and I have a feeling her intentions aren’t what I’d wish they were.  I walk about a little bit and notice she’s always right where I am, as though she’s following me.  I finally think I’ve lost her when I suddenly see the woman in front of me, approaching me quickly.  She passes by, barely missing me.  About three full seconds later, I hear…)

Woman:  “Oh my god!”

(I turn and see she’s on the ground, clutching her shirt, which has had the top few buttons torn off, closed tightly.  She’s staring at me in horror.)

Woman:  “You just groped me and pushed me!  You just tore my shirt and grabbed my breast and then shoved me!”

Me:  (Pissed off because I realize it’s a scam)  “Um…  no I didn’t!  You’re lying to get money out of me, and didn’t get ‘shoved’ until I had already walked about 10 feet past you.  You’ve also been following me, you nut!”

Woman:  “Police!  Call the police!  He’s a rapist who grabbed my breast!  I’m calling my lawyer now and suing you!  I think I broke my rib when you shoved me!  Help!  Anybody!”

(At this point, I turn and walk away.  Most people are passing her by her and ignoring her, having seen what actually happened, although one “White Knight” tries to stop me but fails.  She eventually stops screaming and leaves.  About 10 minutes later, I’m approached by an employee.)

Employee:  “Don’t worry about the woman who said you shoved her.  We got it all on camera.  The dope actually stopped, pulled open her own shirt and threw herself to the ground in plain view of at least two security cameras.  She tried to get us to call the cops, and when we wouldn’t, she actually tried the exact same thing to us, right in plain view of the entire staff…  and another security camera.  Pulled her shirt open, tossed herself to the ground and everything.”

Me:  “Wow…  Can’t believe some people.”

Employee:  “Hey, I’m not complaining.  She wasn’t wearing a bra and kinda tore open her whole shirt the second time she tried the stunt.  At least I got a free show out of it!”

Me:  “Well now I have to ask…  did you get THAT on the security camera?”

Employee:  (Beaming)  “I’m not at liberty to say.”

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