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*We have five popcorn makers at our theater, four of which are currently broken. I hvae been making fresh popcorn all morning, transporting it from the one working machine to the broken ones, so that things at least LOOK nice.  I only serve guests out of the machine that works, though, so they can have fresh, hot popcorn. I’ve just finished making another batch, when a man approaches my counter.*

Me: Hey there! What can I get for you?

Customer: Can I get a large popcorn?

Me: Sure thing! *I head to the working machine to get him the fresh popcorn, which is the machine farthest away from my register.*

Man: Going on a journey for my popcorn, eh? *joking tone*

Me: Haha, yeah. *returning* That popper has the freshest popcorn, I just made it a minute ago.

Man: Oh, well, thank you!

*He pays and is on his way, and I think nothing of it. A few moments later, though, he’s back, with his full bag of popcorn*

Man: Um, this popcorn is cold.

Me: What?

Man: The popcorn. It’s cold.

Me: That– doesn’t make any sense, I just popped it. I’m so sorry! *taking the bag from him. The bag is still warm. I hold my hand over the popcorn to see if it’s radiating heat, which it is. I look at him, confused*

Man: Yeah. It’s just no good. 

Me: … Let me get you some fresh? *I toss the popcorn in his bag into the garbage, and then refill the bag with popcorn form the exact same popper as before, before handing it back to him*

Man: *eating some of the popcorn* Much better. You should only ever serve fresh popcorn!

Me: I’ll… keep that in mind.

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