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Two ladies are shopping together and one runs over to the yogurt section I’m working next to.

Customer (to her friend): I’m looking for my yogurt! They always sell out of my flavor before I get here, it’s the best one. Banana!

I look over and realize she’s looking for an item we don’t sell.

Me: I’m sorry, we don’t sell banana-flavored by Brand1. We have banana by Brand2 and banana cream pie by brand3 and brand4, though.

Customer: I always look for it here but it’s the best one so it sells out before I get to it. Everyone likes banana for some reason.

Me: Actually it’s not there because we don’t sell it. Some of our other locations may, but we only have those other brands I mentioned. I’m sorry about that.

Customer: Oh, that’s okay. I’ll just check back next time I’m in, you sell out of my flavor so fast!

me: *dies inside*

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