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(I am on the sales floor offering to help customers as they browse. I come across a woman looking at beads, which come with different colored labels. It is typical for only one color label of beads to be on sale at a time, and the signs hung in this area clearly state which ones are on sale each week.)

Me: Is there anything I can help you with, ma’am?

Customer: Oh, yes. I was wondering if any of these beads are on sale?

(She holds out her hand to display a few strings of beads with different colored labels)

Me: Well, if we look at the sign, it says that only the green label beads are on sale this week. So all of the ones here that have a green tag will ring up at the sale price.

Customer: Okay. (ponders) Are these ones on sale?

(She holds a string of beads that have a blue tag)

Me: I’m afraid not. Only the ones with a green tag are on sale right now.

(I look at her and she still looks puzzled)

Me: The ones you have in your hand right now have a blue tag (pointing to the tag). But the sign (pointing to sign) says here that only the green label beads are on sale. So it’s just the ones that have this color tag (pointing to a string of beads with a green label).

Customer: Hmm, alright. But are these on sale?

(She holds up the same beads with the blue tag)

Me: No, those are not on sale. They have a blue tag. None of the beads with blue, red, or brown tags are on sale this week. Only the ones with this color (pointing again to a green label string) label are part of the sale.

Customer: Oh. Then are these on sale? (Again referring to the blue label beads in her hand)

Me: No, ma’am. Those beads do not have a green label and are therefore not part of this sale.

Customer: (thinking) Okay. I guess I’ll just figure it out. This is so confusing… thanks for the help though!

Me: (Trying to smile) No worries, ma’am. If you need anything else, just find an associate and they’ll be happy to help.

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