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I have a strict personal policy not to touch customer’s personal items things such as phones, id’s and, credit cards. Whenever a customer tries to hand me their credit card I direct them over to the pinpad on the right of them. On this particular day a customer tries to accuse me of stealing her card.

Customer: “Excuse me, you have my card!!”

Me: “Ma’m I can assure you I don’t have your card, nor did I touch or take it.”

Customer:”Well it’s not in pocket, so you must have it!!”

Me: ” I didn’t take your card.”


Me: “I went over to glance at the last four of your card to put it into the computer. I did not touch you card or take it from your hand, in the time I was inputting your information.

Customer: “I KNOW YOU HAVE IT!!”

At this point I start second guessing myself I look under my machine, around the floor, underneath the desk as well as, looking underneath the bags in the case that her card might have possibly fell at some point in the transaction. I tell her again sternly and in a fed up voice “I don’t have your card, it’s not here.” After much fumbling through her bag she finds the card I supposedly stole.

Customer:” Oh never mind, I have it, have a good day.”

After that just I watched her rush out of the store in embarrassment smh.