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(I work for a roadside assistance company that provides roadside assistance for a lot of different insurances, I work on a dedicated team for one of the larger companies we service, one with a very familiar and well know “jingle”)

Me: Thank you for calling [insurance company] Road side assistance, my name is [my name] do you require 911 emergency assistance?

Customer: No sir

Me: That’s good to hear mam, How may I assist you today.

Customer: Well, my car broke down, and I did the jingle, but no one showed up and I wanted to know why not?

Me: …. Mam you do know the Jingle is just a commercial right, it’s not real?

Customer: But it’s on TV all the time, are you saying their lying on tv?

Me: …. Well mam the commercial is just to show how fast we can help you, there isn’t a real jingle that can get someone to you instantly.

Customer: Well that’s just false advertising, why show something like that on TV and make people think they can just get help instantly, I need to change my insurance company to someone who doesn’t lie.

Me: Well mam I can still assist you today if you would like, I am more then happy to do so.

(I took the call from there normally and finished it out, she didnt get anyone to her over an hour, so much for that jingle huh?)