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My mother and her boyfriend are going to Hawaii for two weeks soon, and I have gotten up earlier than usual (with them still asleep) and decide to get some breakfast. After a few false starts I head to (Diner). Note that I live with my parents and have been out of a job due to my manager not liking me. Long story short he told me he’d talked with the bosses of where I worked and they all agreed that due to my “poor performance” I was being let go, and apparently they didn’t know until after it happened and were told it was due to there being a lack of work to do. In any event at the table next to me are an older couple with whom I strike up a friendly conversation, and I also call my mother to let her know I’ll be back later than I said in the note I left. the couple finish before I do.

Wife: (gets up to leave) Enjoy your visit with your mother!

Me: (embarrassed to admit I live at home (note: I’m in my early 20’s) Thanks.

I finish eating and go to see the hostess.

Me: How much do I owe you?

Hostess: You’re all set.

Me: (Thinking she meant she had my bill all totaled up) OK, how much do I owe you?

Hostess: No, you’re all set, the couple paid your bill.

Stunned and grateful, I say goodbye and walk out, waving goodbye to the coupleĀ  as they drive off. I get home and tell my mother and her boyfriend what happened. Shortly afterwords they leave to go to Hawaii. A short while later I get a call from a grocery store chain I had applied to a while back, and long story short end up getting hired. My mother calls me that night with good news of her own.

Mom: Hey (me), remember what you said (boyfriend) might do?

Me: (confused, guesses a few things I had said, like drinking a beverage from a hollow pineapple, getting me a Hawaii cookbook, and finding a maintenance job (he’s a workaholic), before remembering, with some prompting from (mom) that I had jokingly suggested he might propose to her there, due to it’s beauty. Turns out I was right, and I had no idea. I shared my good news and hung up. A day or two later I’m out getting a replacement cable for my computer, and decide to have breakfast at the same diner. As I’m eating, I notice two young teenage boys, one wearing a hat with my old High School symbol. I wave to him, make the symbol with my hands and give him a thumbs up, and he nods, and is later joined by an older teenage girl. I think about what happened to me the last time I was here, and about my recent good fortune, decide to return the favor foreword, and pull the waiter aside.

Me: last time I was here, an older couple paid my bill. I’d like to pay it foreword and put twenty dollars towards their meal (points to their table).

Waiter: (surprised) Of course.

They couldn’t do it by debit card, ut luckily the bank was nearby and I got a twently dollar bill, which I gave to the hostess, telling her to put it towards a tables meal and that (waiter) knew which one, and left. To the older couple, if you’re reading this, I’d like to thank you for your kindness towards a young man who was going through some troubled times, and to the group of teens, if you’re reading this I hope someday you’ll do the same thing I did for someone else someday.

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