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I work in a small environmental lab in the Midwest USA. Fish fry season is big here, with newspapers publishing a map to local events every weekend. Part of the popularity is due to the practice of abstaining from any meat but fish on Fridays during the period of Lent, which covers about six weeks from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. Lent is observed by many Christian religions, particularly Catholics in our area. The vast majority of my coworkers are self-professed Catholics who observe Lenten dietary restrictions. Many others do so out of respect for their coworkers. Others just like fish. I belong to the latter two groups. Please note, we are a close-knit, family-type company. The result of all this is, on any given Friday, someone, usually the boss, has brought enough fish and side-dishes for everyone.
Our break room is only one door down from the main offices. It’s Friday afternoon, and the lovely aroma of fried fish permeates the building.  A customer stopped by to drop off coal samples for testing, and remarked on the smell of fish.
Boss: There’s plenty in the break room. Go fix you a plate!
Customer: *wrinkling his nose* Why does it smell like fish?!
Boss: Well, it is Friday. <District Manager> brought Long John Silvers for everyone.
Customer: That’s disgusting! This is a business! It shouldn’t smell like f****** fish!
Boss: Many of our employees observe Lent, so the only meat they can eat on Friday is fish.
Customer: I don’t f****** care! It’s making me sick!
Boss: Well, I’m sorry about that.
Customer: <storming off, echoes down the hallway> It smells like f****** fish!
There was a few moments of silence, then everyone within earshot started laughing. Best part – the customer heard it and shut up!