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I worked at a call center supporting various appliances – think TVs and MP3 players.   This was back in 2006.
One day I received a call from a customer who said the owner’s manual wasn’t included in the box.  As the manual is free for download online the company policy is to direct the customer to the website and walk them through downloading it (the company doesn’t offer a print replacement manual if the original is lost or damaged).
I explained that to the caller and offered to walk them through the process. She became upset and insisted she needed a paper copy sent to her. I advised her that wasn’t possible but she could always print off a copy at home once it was downloaded. We went around like this for a bit before she snipped that she didn’t have internet in her home. I paused then offered:
“Well ma’m you could always use the internet at your local library to download the manual….”
She cut me off exclaiming: “I can’t go to the library I HAVE KIDS!”
She then hung up on me.

Seems to me if you have children you SHOULD be going to the library.