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This day was very busy but has since slowed down. Enjoying the bit of a break I’m chatting with the person on bar when a customer who is a semi-regular approches my till.

Me-Hi sir what can I get for you?
Him-Caramel Machiatto
Him- Can I not have the attitude?

At this point I am thrown off as I did not have an attitude in the least bit. Being a good barista I apologized anyway. This was not good enough for him and he wanted someone else to ring him up. As I was the only person with a till no one else could help him. I explained this to him and he went irate.

Him- You can drink the -expletive- drink. I dont have to -expletive- deal with this -expletive-

At this point myself as well as my co-worker are in total shock. The customer storms off and Im about to go to the office to grab my supervisor and write a report when the customer stormed back in with his phone held high as if he’s recording us. Note my company is very clear that people can not record behind the counter at all so I am in my rights to tell them to stop recording or get out.

Him- I’m going to -expletive- report you! F you you -expletive-

He continues ranting when I tell him twice to stop recording and leave or I’m calling the police. I also put my hand in front of my face so this crazy man can not record me. Im picking up the phone to call the cops when he turns the camera to my co-worker, curses at him then leaves.

Im still confused what he was going to report me for. Im still scared if a video of me will appear on youtube.