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(We often offer a seasonal doughnut and currently have two that are “summer” themed; one of which has a gummy worm poking out of the center. It is one of my first shifts as a supervisor on this evening.)

The phone rings and I am told that the customer would like to speak to a manager.

Me: Thank you for calling [location], this is [my Name], how may I help you?

Caller: Yes, I came through your drive thru a few hours ago and ordered [promotional doughnut] and I was very disappointed with what I received.

Me: I’m so sorry to hear that, what was the problem with them?

Caller: Well, your picture on your menu showed a red gummy worm and all of the worms I recieved were orange!

(At this point, I am a little taken a back and start to think it was a prank call.)

Me: Well, we do offer the product in a variety of colors as the worms come in an assorted package.

Caller: I understand that, but I really am disappointed that all of the worms were orange!

(I am now debating whether  to offer the gentleman free doughnuts or to try and explain to him that this was an unforeseeable request, luckily at this moment my Assistant Manager walks in.)

Me: I see sir, if you’d like to speak to my Assistant Manager, he just arrived. I’m sure he’ll be able to help you.

(Sure enough, as this particular Assistant Manager is known for, the caller is given free doughnuts as replacement…. Even though there was no way for the drive thru employee to be able to read his mind and know what color gummy worm he would prefer.)

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