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I work in a well known store in the Netherlands. It is a store that sells pretty much everything, so I’m used to people asking me about strange things. But not this one. Once in a while we have customers that don’t speak Dutch. This Asian looking woman was walking towards me with a baby in a stroller.

Me (in Dutch): Welcome, how can I help you today?

Woman (in English with a bad accent): Hi, I am looking for cahh-bon.

Me (English): I’m not sure what you mean, can you explain what you use it for?

Woman: *tries to explain and point to her daughter in the stroller* For the babies, my baby! Cahh-bon.

I still don’t understand her so she pulls out her phone and tries to translate the word from English to Dutch. Her phone reads the word ‘carbon’.

Woman: Cahh-bon!

Me: Oh, carbon! What would you need that for with a baby?

Woman: For the baby!

I wasn’t very good with chemistry in school but I do know that carbon is not very healthy for a child. I tried to ask my co-worker who is a mother of a newborn but she also didn’t know.

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