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My boyfriend and I were having a date night at a local restaurant. A woman of about 20 was serving us and she looked like she had been having a stressful day.
After ordering my pizza and onion rings, only my pizza came out. I left it anyway until it was still added to my receipt.

Me: Excuse me, I didn’t receive my onion rings.

Waitress: Oh really? Not at all?

Me: No

Waitress: I’m so sorry, I’ll go and change that for you.

She rushes off and sorts out my receipt.
My boyfriend and I exchange looks and decide to leave her a fairly large tip.
The waitress sorts out our money and thinks that the extra was just change to come back to us.

Me: Here is your change.

Me: Oh, no that’s for you.

Me: (Her eyes light up and she has a shocked look with a smile) Oh thank you so much!

My boyfriend and I smile and wave good bye as we leave.

I was so happy to have made her night, when she thought she had made a really bad mistake, I knew she was just having hard day.

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