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(My fiancée is a veterinarian. She is nearing the end of an appointment for a dog that has been vomiting and not eating well. The dog is a neutered male. Note: male dogs have glands next to the penis that are similar to prostate glands.)

Owner: Oh, and I have one other question…

Fiancée: Okay, what’s your question?

Owner: Sometimes I put my hand on my dogs belly area and the two round things next to his penis get bigger and bigger and I hold him tight until he feels all better. Do other people do this?

(Her instinct was to yell, “WHAT? are you serious? No, people do NOT do that!” Fortunately, her answer was more professional-sounding:)

Fiancée: Well… People do lots of things, but usually, no.

Owner: Oh okay. Thank you. I can ask you because you’re a lady doctor and I couldn’t ask a man doctor about this.

(When relating this story, my fiancée said: “If you need to ask a question like this maybe you shouldn’t be doing it at all.” I don’t have her education, but I wonder if the dog’s medical troubles were actually just disgust at its owner.)