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14 Stories That Celebrate Moms – For Mother’s Day 2021!

| Right | May 9, 2021

Dear readers,

Many countries around the world have special days to celebrate mothers, and today is Mother’s Day in the USA! The second Sunday in May was legally designated as a national holiday in 1914 by Woodrow Wilson, and now Americans spend millions of dollars on gifts and dinners for the moms and other mother figures in their lives.

We hope you find a fun way to celebrate the amazing women who’ve had a maternal influence on your life. We suggest sharing this roundup of fourteen stories from our archives about awesome moms, and weird and funny happenings on Mother’s Day!


I Love You More Than Life Insurance Itself – Moms make great nurses but… interesting patients.

Don’t Like What They’re Cooking Up – Puns from the comments: “A comment like that might leave OP a little steamed.”

Mother’s Day Is Fried – Sometimes Mother’s Day just doesn’t go the way you expect (or hope)!

They Love The Ones They Can’t Admit The Most – And a very mediocre Mother’s Day to you.

Seize The (Mother’s) Day – When life gives you lemons, make lemonade to share with everyone else!

Mother’s Day Of The Dead – Pro tip: Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries… but not all on the same day!

The Mother Of All Cheap Customers – Maybe Mom raised him to be frugal?

My Mother The Monster – Sometimes being a good mother means breaking the cycle.

Be-Neighboring The Point – This mom takes no s***!

Never Too Chicken To Love Your Mother – Nice to know that’s all you’re good for, isn’t it?

Mothers Are Daughters, Too – Clear your schedules, folks. This story will make you want to call your mom.

Mother’s Pay – This guy made this mother’s Mother’s Day.

She Led You Down The Garden Path – Okay, maybe moms don’t know everything.

Mentally Scarred For Life – It takes a real tough cookie to be a mother!


Happy Mother’s Day!

We hope you enjoyed this Mother’s Day 2021 roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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