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14 Hilarious Stories About Bickering Couples!

| Right | November 25, 2020

Dear readers,

We here at Not Always Right believe that part of the dating process should be to witness how your significant other shops, how they treat retail workers, and how they behave when told “no.” If so, it would have saved a lot of the drama on display in the following batch of stories:

We’ve rounded up fourteen stories of bickering couple customers who – thankfully for the employees dealing with them – directed all their anger and arguments at each other!


Harry & Ginny: The Golden Years – If she doesn’t, she can always find somewhere to shove it.

At Least They Made It To The Paper Anniversary – I mean, he kind of has a point? If you’re not into it, get out.

Look Into Your Heart; You Know It To Be True – “No real girl” has seen Star Wars? Oh, honey, do I have news for you.

What Strange Magic Is This – She’s got a mean backhand.

Ah, Marriage – Hits from the comments: “A three-year-old is too young for marriage.”

Behind Every Husband Is A Brutally Honest Wife – This joke is an oldie but a goodie.

No Omelettes Are Totally Waffle – Don’t waffle about it!

The Very Social Network – There’s a lot to unpack here but we’re just gonna… not.

Losing Cruise Control – Lonely? Confused? Dishonest? Either way, we’re amused.

Two Pillows On The Couch, Once Daily – Just be glad you didn’t need his anniversary.

Unloading Marital Baggage – Make way for the King Of Petty.

Coming Soon: My Big Fat Greek Divorce – There’s not enough Windex in the world to fix this one.

Un-Four-tunate Inch-uendo – But where would you put something that big?

To Have And To Hold On To The Remote – Maybe that’s not how your marriage works…


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about bickering couple customers! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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