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14 Deliciously Stupid Math Stories For Pi Day!

| Right | March 13, 2023

Dear readers,

Tomorrow, March 14, is National Pi Day! This day was so designated in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw (and officially declared by US Congress in 2009) because the date (in countries that use this format) is 3/14, which corresponds with the first three digits of the constant pi, also known by the Greek letter “π”. This date also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday, as well as Science Education Day!

I’m gonna be real for a second here. High school was a long time ago, and I haven’t come across a lot of reasons to use pi in my daily life. Soooo I don’t entirely remember all its applications. I know it’s something to do with circles and… I’m out. To all you engineers and physicists out there, it’s all you!

Plenty of people struggle with mathematical concepts far less complex than pi, and we’ve rounded up fourteen stories from the Not Always Right archives about some of the funniest examples! Grab yourselves a slice of pie and enjoy!


Math-uh-matics – Hits from the comments: “I see you’re playing stupid again… Looks like you’re winning, too.”

An Odd Way To Get Even – This just seems like an excuse for more cupcakes. And we’re okay with that.

Saved By Math – This, my friends, is called the “stupid tax”.

We’re Not Half Surprised – Point of interest, ma’am: calculators are on aisle three.

Holding On To That Bakers’ Dozen – Hits from the comments: “How exactly did she get hired? How did she even manage to get to the interview site? How is she not dead?”

The Less They Know, The Better – Math issues aside, children get Big Feelings about the weirdest things.

That Measurement Holds No Quarter With Him – This is why they taught us how to simplify fractions. (Or tried to, anyway…)

It’s A Calculated Risk – Okay, now we’re starting to understand why some people struggle so hard.

Fraught With A Quart – Hits from Bob’s Burgers: “Why do you keep saying ‘four’?”

In For A Penny…, Part 3 – Some people are confused by the metric system. Others are confused by any system.

Surprised You Haven’t Gone Loony Already – Hits from the comments: “That’s why I tend to use my debit card instead of cash when I go to Canada. Signed, an American who sometimes can’t math.”

Breaking Their Fourth Wall – So… how much ham did he end up with?!

Math Is Your Friend, Part 3 – But the real question is: red or black?

Math Skills! Ooh Ha Ha! – Hits from the comments: “I rate the author’s response a 0/10… No, wait, I mean 9/10.”


We hope you enjoyed this Math-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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