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14 Alarming Stories About Food Allergies

| Right | May 3, 2021

Dear readers,

May is Food Allergy Action Month in the USA! Hundreds of millions of people in the world are allergic to various foods, from milk to nuts to seafood, and everything in between. Whether the reaction is big or small, it’s never pleasant to experience a food allergy! And frustratingly, there isn’t really a cure for food allergies.

We here at Not Always Right aren’t medical professionals, so our contribution to Food Allergy Action Month is this collection of fourteen stories about people who really don’t know how to handle food allergies!


Are You (Pea)Nuts?! – Why would they joke about that?!

You Say Tomato, I Say Death – Okay, this just feels personal.

You Say Potato, I Say Epinephrine – Is she lying or just stupid? We may never know.

Another Way They Make You Cry – This is the deadly kind of stupid.

This Should Be Parenting Bread And Butter – Hits from the comments: “How dare you demand he actually be a parent?”

Needs To Spin(ach) That Around Again – Short attention spans are much more problematic where allergies are concerned.

Peppered With Allergies – Red hands and red flags abound!

You Have To Handle These Customers Caerphilly – If you have allergies, why would you order something if you didn’t know what it was?!

Be Carrot-ful Who Serves You – If only the shoe was on the other foot.

Not Going To Cry Over This Onion – This owner is a real gas.

Causing Disorder With No Special Order – You want to get sued? Because that’s how you get sued.

Intolerant To Lactose Intolerance, Part 2 – Hits from the comments: “‘It’s just cheese. It’s fresh.’
And if I eat it, you will have fresh puke all over you.”

Badly Managing Allergies – Wouldn’t it be wonderful if managers actually talked to their staff?

Might We Prescribe A New Job – This guy puts the “harm” in “pharmacist”.


We hope you enjoyed this Food-Allergy-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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