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I work in a luxury retail store at a mall that sells mostly women products such as lingerie, and pajamas. Think of Victoria’s Secret, but five times more expensive. I had a lot of clients who called me to shop for them because of certain events such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Weddings naturally were the most popular. I helped a woman pick out some lingerie for a wedding night. She then recommended me to one of her friends. Here is the catch, I am a guy.


The woman and her daughter came in, and they said I have an appointment with [My Name]. Whilst waiting they looked at me. They started to talk about me this calling me a pervert, and a derogatory name towards gay people.


The store director came over and told them I was there. I took her to the back. I was half upset when I heard those horrible words. I told her I don’t want them as clients. She had this devious look on her face. Walk out and introduce yourself, and if things get bad I will take it over. They eyed when I walked out. I smiled and said my name. Their mouths dropped. I apologized for the inconvenience, and told them I was not able to take them on as clients at this time. They said they were friends with one of my top clients. I apologized, and said it would not happen. They apologized to me profusely, and they said it was just a joke.


The daughter threw a fit, and demanded to speak with the manager. The manager came over, and apologized. She said that shoppers can turn down clients at any time. The daughter begged and pleaded for me. I told them that I could take them on at my convenience, but I was backed up at this time. The mom said this was for her daughter’s wedding. I looked at both of them and said. You will never call me anything derogatory if I take you on, and you will never say or ask anything about why I work here, my orientation, and personal information. Is that clear? The daughter stopped her tears. I took them to the back, and began having her try on different arrays which I picked out for her.


I told them this needs to be cut more, and I will have it sent off, and have it ready in a few weeks. The mother asked about the risqué of the outfits. I told them that lingerie is sexy if semi less is more. That was the only thing she said the entire time. They bought the entire piece which was about $1100.

They picked it up two days before her wedding. She tried it on, and it looked perfect for her type. She said I did such a good job. Her mom came in, and apologized once more. She said she would like to make another appointment for her next week. I accepted. She said, “you were so kind and genuine to take us on. I will never forget that, and I will never judge someone like that again.” She said if I ever needed anything to call her directly. She smiled back to me. The Mom came in a week later on time, and brought some friends. She never mentioned once about what happened as it seemed like water under the bridge. I will never forget that. She started out as the worst client, but ended up as one of my best. I have worked on her other daughter’s arrangements.

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