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(I work at a meat place and a person comes in)

Customer: Hi, do you have a vegan meal?

Me: I’m sorry. This is a meat place. We don’t have a vegan meal.

Customer: Well then how do you serve vegetarians???

Me: Probably go to the salad place next door.

Customer: *turns to everybody* You all act like pigs! You’ve got sauce and meat on your faces! Carnivores!!!

Me: At least we don’t behave like one.

Customer: Excuse me?

Me: Sir, you’re behaving like a carnivore.

Customer: I want to see the manager!

Me: You’re looking at him.

Customer: You’re employee refuses to give me a vegan meal!

Me: …..

(At that point, I asked him to leave, but still calling the place a carnivore.