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It’s my first day on the register, it’s worth noting that I’m female and my state has laws saying you get additional charge if you’re a man assualting a woman. I’m working the express lane and I’m not supposed to ring someone up if they have more than 20 items. A customer who is using an electronic cart yet isn’t impaired drives up with a loaded buggy.

Me: Sir, that’s over 20 items, I can’t ring you up.

Him: Oh no, it’s just a lot of bigger and bulkier stuff. It’s fine.

I ring him up, it takes a very long time and a line builds behind him.

Me: Sir.. the receipt says you brought 45 items through here… please don’t do this again.

Him: Don’t? Do you even know who you’re talking too? I’ll [email protected]#$ you up you stupid [email protected]#$%

Me: Sir… Do I have to call security? That’s assault on a female…

Customer: Don’t you even dare call security or I’ll bust your ass even worse. I don’t care if you’re a [email protected]#$% or if you’ve got a !$#@

Me: *noticing that my supervisor is literally standing right behind him* Okay.. I won’t

Supervisor: Security’s been called.. Leave the store before they arrive or else.

Customer: I can’t go back to jail! *leaves quickly*

Supervisor: Are you okay? I can’t believe how well you handled that.. I’m sorry you went through that.. normally it’s not THAT bad in here

Me: I’m fine, he’s gone now.

-Sadly I have had one other customer threaten to beat me up, only one though. Overall I’ve been told that I give really good customer service from both customers and managers-

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