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I’m working the front desk one morning at about 10:30am. It’s 30 minutes before checkout time and a guest with a reservation comes in.
Guest: Hello, I have a reservation and I’m here to check in.
(After getting his name I notice that it’s for a standard king size bed room, which are all dirty and/or occupied due to being sold out the night before)
Me: Unfortunately sir, it looks like I don’t have any rooms available yet.
Guest: WHAT!? EXCUSE ME!?! I specifically had this reservation made for early check in!
Me: I understand sir, and we do our absolute best to accommodate to that. However, if we sell out the night before then there’s no way we’re able to do early c/i. Housekeeping is currently working on rooms and not everyone has checked out yet. I’m afraid it’ll be at least 2 hours before we have rooms ready.
(He didn’t, there’s no note in the comments section.)
Me: I’m sorry sir but I’m not seeing any such request in the comments section.
Guest: My g** d*** co-workers never do anything right! they were supposed to note that in there!
Me: Well, it’s not the same room type you requested but I can upgrade your room to a room with two beds at no additional cost to you(two bed rooms cost more), if you absolutely need the room now.
Guest: No!! I want my king bed room now!!
Me: Unfortunately all I’d be able to do is switch the reservation to a two bed, otherwise you’d have to wait a couple more hours.
Guest: NO. I refuse to wait! I requested early check in, I want early check in!!
Me: *getting fed up* Sir, there is no request for early check in in your reservation. I’ve offered you an available room and you declined. So you’ll just have to wait.
Guest: Well I’m tired and I need the room now! I’m so sick of everyone being incompetent at their jobs!
Me: Sir you realize check in is not until 3pm right. I could very easily tell you to wait until then because that’s technically when check in time starts anyway.
Guest: YEAH I KNOW THAT I KNOW HOW HOTELS WORK. *goes storming out*
Me: *mumbling to myself* then why the h*** are you arguing with me.