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At our bakery, we have ‘bagel packs’ for $13.99 that have 13 bagels and two tubs of cream cheese, as well as a ‘baker’s dozen’ for $9.99 which is only the 13 bagels.  Buying 12 specialty bagels separately would be about $16.  When this happens, I am preparing the bakery orders while my co-worker rings people up.

Co-worker: “What can I get you?”

Woman: “I’d like twelve everything bagels.”

Co-worker: “Alright, would you like to do the bagel pack or–?”

Woman: “No, I want twelve everything bagels.”

Co-worker: “Yes, ma’am, so just the baker’s dozen pack then?  That only has–”

Woman: “No!  All I want is twelve everything bagels!”

Co-worker: “I understand that, ma’am, but getting the baker’s dozen will–”

Woman: “I’ve said three times that I want twelve everything bagels.  Are you new here!?”

My co-worker raises her eyebrows, says nothing, and rings the woman up for twelve everything bagels.  I prepare the order.  The woman walks out with a smug look on her face despite the fact that she spent about $5 more for less bagels than she would have gotten with the baker’s dozen or bagel pack.