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(I’m in an internship for my school as a laptop repairman, one of my duties is to do hard resets on loaner laptops so students can still use a laptop while theirs are in for repairs. The purpose of a hard reset is to erase all data from the previous owner and set it to its original factory settings.)

Me: *At the part where you have to log into a local Wi-Fi connection.* Alright do you know how to log into the Wi-Fi?
Student: Yep.
Me: *Hands it over* Alright, here you go.
Student: *Trying to log into the Wi-Fi* What the hell? Its not letting me click on the username or password!
Me: *Looks at it* …You didn’t select an authentication method… *Sigh* I’ll set it up for you…

(This happens more times than you think.)

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