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(I work as a ferrier and blacksmith and will often go to horse shows and such to advertise my business and preform emergency services on horses that need them. Typically all I do is just trim horse hooves and put shoes on, but I can also provide some veterinary services. In this instance, a woman walks up to me while I’m treating a mule that’s in a lot of pain because of his bad feet, and am administering an oral pain relieving gel via his mouth.)
Woman: “What are you doing?! Get that tube out of his mouth right now! You’re poisoning him! YOU’RE POISONING THE ANIMAL THAT JESUS CHRIST RODE INTO TOWN ON! WE HAVE A JESUS HATER! JESUS HATER!!! HE’S POISONING A DONKEY!!! A HOLY DONKEY!!! JESUS HATER!!!”
(The woman runs away, screaming about how I’m trying to poison the mule, and that I’m a Jesus hater. I didn’t even get to say anything to her before she ran off. Luckily, the mule was ok.)

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