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I worked as a server for a catering business. We primarily catered weddings and rehearsal dinners for upper class clients, our venue and menu were pretty pricey. At the time, I was also in high school, as was many of my coworkers. One particular wedding was a younger wedding and they were partying pretty hard. It was the end of the night and people were leaving or going back to their rooms. There were a few stragglers who were all pretty drunk. One guy approached me and invited my friend and I back to their room to party. I politely told him that that wasn’t possible because we still had a lot of work left to do. I did not mention that it was also against our company policy to party or stay with guests. This is how the conversation proceeded;

Guest, “Well let me help so you guys can get out faster, like collect the linens.”

Me, “No, that’s alright we have 15 year olds for that.”

Guest, “I’m 15 years old… Below the waist.”

Me, “Uhhh…”

I had no idea what to even say to this. I mean, what does that even mean? Either way you look at it, it was NOT a compliment. His buddies proceeded to laugh hysterically. So, I awkwardly just walk away. I take the full glass tray that I was holding to our break down room. I turn around and the same guy has followed me in there.

Me, “Uh, what are you doing?”

Guest, “I thought we were going to the bathroom.”

I assume to hook up.

Me, “No, definitely not. You need to leave.”

He left, I hope quite embarrassed. I later told my  boss about it and we had quite a good laugh about it.

It is still one of my favorite stories to tell.

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