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(Your picture of Bea Arthur captioned “No I will not have a nice day!” reminds me of my granny. It’s the ’80s and the Reagan/Thatcher consensus has lead one or two retailers to think they can graft US retail culture into the UK. It doesn’t always go well. My granny and I are just turning to leave a hardware shop.)

Assistant: Have a nice day!

Granny: Excuse me, young man?

Assistant: Have a nice day?

Granny: I shall have exactly the sort of day I want to, for all the business it is of yours! Now, I’ll thank you to attend to your duties as they relate to the shop and not enquire as to the private affairs of your patrons! I shall be seeing Mr. [Manager] at the Civic Hall meeting on Saturday and you may rest assured I shall let him know of your impertinence! Now, good day!

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