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(Note: I am a customer at a deli and I’m in a line of customers waiting to place or pickup their order. Trouble arises when customer 1 steps up to place their order. Customer 1 is a normal looking guy, I’m second in line, Customer 3 is an army guy(based on his uniform), and Customer 4 looks like he works in a lawyer office)
Customer 1:Hey there, I’d like to place an ord-.
Customer 4: Hey! hurry up! some of us have to actually be somewhere today!
Customer 1: yes, I’d like to order a ham and cheese sandwich and a-
Customer 4:God who the hell is taking so damn long. *looks at customer 1* hey I know you, your the F*****T who works at [store]. Hurry up and order your box of pickles and get out of the F*****G way.
*almost everyone is stunned. except customer 3*
Customer 3:Hey…. let’s keep things civil.
*after a few awkward seconds*
Customer 1:(somewhat shaken now) ya, as I was saying I’d like to order a ham sandwich and some chips please.
*deli owner writes down the order and customer 1 goes to the waiting line*
Me: I’ll have today’s spec-
Customer 4: God dammit  another F*******G Q*****r to hold up every normal in the line.
Me:I’ll have today’s special.
*I go to the wait line and customer 3 steps up for their order*
Customer 4: There now you two F******T can F***K each other while you wait.
Deli Owner: That’s enough, you leave my store now.
Customer 4: Oh now the terrorist is siding with the Q****rs. why don’t you go back to Iraq. and kill more of our soldiers! aint the right buddy! *bumps customer 3 for their approval*.
Customer 3: Shut up maggot! *customer 4 pales at being yelled at*
Customer 3:This is the United States of america. We are a nation where all are free and considered to be equal, regardless or race, religion, or sexual identity!
Customer 4: *stammering* but their just q**-
Customer 3: I do not care! They are all proud Americans and I salute them for being so. You on the other hand are a disgrace and as you were told to leave, I suggest that you do so or I will gladly escort you out.
Customer 4: *begins to leave* well. F***K you then you dam traitor. I hope they kick you out of the army for being a F*****T  Terrorist lover.

(After customer 4 left. we all thanked Customer 3 and offered to pay for anything he wanted. He politely declined and said that he was doing his duty to ensure the freedoms and rights of his fellow Americans.)

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